Monday, December 20, 2010

Here we go...

Here's some new bento I made :)

I made onigiri with sesame seed and poppy seed. Sesame suits them better then poppies. But they were still good. Nex to onigiri there is some salads with mayo. In the yellow tier there is vegetables stew and some fried fish. 
This one bento has a lot of bread in it. Vegetable stew is becoming my favorit. It's easy to make and is tasty. I use cookie cutters for shaping cheese and bread. I put little tea bag in the midle tier. You can allways find some hot water for it if you are hveing your lunch at work.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Beautifill but not usefull...

Finally my new bento box "Animal in the forest" has arrived. It is a beautiful two tiers pink box, smallers then classical one with a nice and playfull cover. It's really nice but.... it SMELLS AWFULLY :( :( It has a super strong smell of plastic, the one that is not used for food. It's almost a week since I got it and the smell is still as strong as the moment I unpacked it. I even get dizzy by smelling it :( :( :(  What is more, I couldn't find a sign of food friendly plastic wich looks like this:
My other bento boxes have it.

The good news is then I wrote to the seller and he kindly returned my money back. He couldn't explain the smell. 
So, be careful while buying your bento suplies, for the joy of receiving a new box can be replaced with a disappointment.

Friday, December 3, 2010


So here it is. My first bento in a new box :)

Burger bento box

At last I got my burger bento box. And I'm not disapointed. It's about 10 cm hight and 15 cm wide. 

This is how it looks in my hand. At first I was afraid, that it will be to big. But it holds as much as my old Urara box. 

It has 3 diferent lids. 

Since the green lid is the uper one and the burger cap added on it makes some space, I decided that it will be great for onigiri ;) 

This brown lid will suit for vegetables... or sweet stuff ;) It's about 2 cm depth.

The lowest lid is about 6cm depth. It's good for the main dish. 
Havn't used it yet, but I can't wait to do it.

 I love the lock. No more rubber bands :) 

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