Monday, September 17, 2012

New begining...

Here I'm after a;most a year. I made no god bento during that time. It was a non bento period. I was never at home, always running and and eating just once a day. Since my life is back  to normal I decided I must start making bento again not for the healthier eating then at least for raving money since I spend almost twice on my lunch that I buy from shops. And it's not always tasty...

I thought that for the new beginning I need a new box. This time I need two new boxes. One for myself and another is for my partner :)

I already have a pink and a yellow bento boxes, but I miss a color of red so I decided to obtain this Bright Red Strawberry bento box.

On one site they say it's 820ml box, on other that it hold up to 620 ml.Well both numbers are good. And if it will be bigger that means more space for creativity :D

For my partner I chose this one, just in grey color. Of course he was asked if that kind of box would please him. He said "yes" and added "but no cute stuff on my food". I'll have to make more manly lunch for him, that means no cheese hearts, no little animals picks and so on. I think I can do that. And mine bento still will be cute and colorful :)

I also got some egg mold. A bunny and a fish :) 

And some silicon cup cake molds  - normal size and really small ones :D
so wait for new photos ;)

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