Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring bento

So, the firs bento on this blog is the first one I had in my new box. I was realy excited about making it. You can see an apple usagi on the right as well as corn salad with mayo and avocado and grapes skewers. I put carrot pieces betveen them. On the left there is onigiri with some furikake and chiken pieces. Mushroom and star house are made of cheese :) I made grass from nori.
 I love the fresh look of this bento :)

So it begins...

I really don't remember when I became so interested in bento. But now it's some kind of possession. It's such a fun to make bento and then enjoy it. I just love making food. And bento is a perfect way to make some healthy lunch not only for myself but for my hubby too :)

I used to eat only rice or potatoes and some stew with it for my lunch. But now I have a smaller portion of rice and meat and more vegetables and fruit. And I like to have a little bit of everything. My meal became more healthier and more fun to make.

So in this blog I just want to share my bento pictures. I got a lot of inspiration from other bento blogers, so I hope that my bento will also inpires someone :)

This is my bento box :) I ordered it from Hong Kong. It took two month and a half for it to arrive. But I'm realy happy with it :)

It has cute usagi on it :)
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