Monday, May 23, 2011

Bento in a hamburger box

I've been using a hamburger box lately. It has a nice capacity but it leaks, so I often discover that my bag is smeared with juices from salads... This is the main disadvantaged of this box. It's shape is round so it turn over easily in a bag. 
Fried fish, grapes, cabbage salads and boiled egg with cheese.

Soba noodles wits sesame, boiled egg, tomatoes and cucumber. The little orange guy is a mayo container. i made it from "Kinder surprise" :) It does the job perfectly :)

Deep fried dumplings in teriyaki sauce, rice balls, zucchini and egg.

Lavash rolls with soy meat and veggies. Potatoes pancakes wit soy meat and carrot salads with mayo. And boiled egg of course :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Carrots and wasabi

I used a simple box this time, because I wanted to have that aesthetic look, that simple bentos have.

I just had to add usagi sauce bottle :D 

Onigiri, boiled egg, fried meat and carrots sticks that I rolled in olive oil mixed with wasabi. I am a wasabiholic :) I love that stuff. I even eat it alone. Of course my eyes and mouth burns but I love the taste :)
Just rinse carrots with it. Add as much wasabi as you can handle. It's a strong thing. You can use any oil you want I guess :P
I made "grass" from nori. I just use scissors to cut it. It's a nice eatable divider :)
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