Wednesday, August 17, 2011


How could I forget to post this one???
 Well, this is my attempt to make evil stuff. Radishes serves for this purpose quite well. I'm defiantly using them for Halloween bento :)
 Just look at their happy evil faces... sitting on a pile of fried meat.

And here is some sushi I made. It has omelet and salmon inside.

Beans day

This was a bean day. I bought some beans to prepare a sweet beans paste. It was my first attempt so I decided to use just a little of them for the paste and made backed beans from the rest of them. I also had a boiled egg in my bento as well as some honey and a soy sauce.

 The green leafs belong to basil. I grown them in my balcony. I can say it's my favorite herb. I adore the smell of it.

This is the sweet beans paste. You can find recipe here.

And this is simply backed beans, that were fried with cut sausages and a little bit of smoked bacon. I mixed it with honey while eating. I know it sounds strange. But it tasted really good. Salty and sweet can go a long very well ;)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mustard Urara and first bento in it

My mustard yellow Urara box has arrived. I'm so thrilled and happy. The size is perfect as well as color. It's such a deep mustard yellow. Urara boxes are the best. I defiantly  recommend them. They are not too colorful but not plane as well. They are stylish, simple and big enough for an adult. The plastic is really good quality and microwave OK.

 I made this bento at midnight when we came back from visiting friends. I got the box the same day and could not resist to use it :)

I use paper cups for cupcakes as dividers. I just throw them away after it. 

There also is a collection of blue Urara boxes.

...a triangle shaped box for onigiri lovers
But it can fit triangle sandwiches if you get tired of large portions of onigiri ;) Here's an example.

A square shaped box.
Photo from here.
All three shapes comes in red, blue and yellow color. And I'm thinking about ordering the onigiri and square boxes in the future ;)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's all veggies

I went for my old burger box since I find the pink one too small for work day of 9 hours :)

Everything fitted perfectly. Now that I have more bento boxes it will be easy to create nice looking bento.  Some food and portions goes perfectly with the pink one and others only fits burger box.

 Broccoli's are my favorite. I can eat a ton of them as well as cauliflowers;)

Bean sprouts cooked in butter. I added some cheese latter.

And soba noodles I like so much .

Sunday, June 19, 2011

I just can't get enough

I'm guilty for being not able to forget my red Urara box. Yes, I tried some other boxes but still felt frustration since they could not satisfy me. The burger was too round, it was flipping easy in a bag and what is more was a leaky one. The pink usagi and sakura box could be perfect if not the size. My usual portion of noodles would not fit in. And my lunch is the only food I have during my work from 10:30 till 20:00. So, eating too little at lunch means that I'll be super hungry and eat a lot at the evening witch is not a good thing.

This is the upper containers of both boxes. You can see the different in size.

 The red one is not only lager but deeper itself. Urara usagi box holds 580 ml while the pink sakura honoka box holds 510ml. And I really miss those 70ml.

Don't mind the meat in it :) I'm making some dried hog bites :P
Pics are not the best quality but you can see the difference.


Sooo... two days ago I said YES to a UME Mustard Yellow  Urara box!!!

:D :D :D
I picked the yellow one for its warm color. It's simple, it's just the right size and it's a traditional shaped box.
The firs love never dies they say:P
It should reach me in two weeks

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cherry tomatoes

Today we went to bazaar and bought two cherry tomatoes trees. Just like these :) 

These tomatoes will be perfect for bento. I always wanted to have them growing in my balcony :) 

They fit the box perfectly and keeps their shape and taste. I don't like the way sliced tomatoes drip their juices over other dishes. 
And look how lovely cherry tomatoes looks. 

I just need to transplant them into bigger pots and after few week I hope to have some results. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Noodles and broccoli

 I didn't had any mayo at home. So I ate the egg with soy sauce. But it's not so good as with mayo.

 Little lion sauce bottle.

Broccoli, hard boiled egg, fish sticks, caned corns salads with ham and cheese and olive oil :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

First bento in a new box

The title says it all :)

 Fried chicken livers, broccoli, zucchini, corn and cucumber salads. And noodles in lettuce bed decorated with zucchini hearts.

New pink usagi and sakura bento box

My new box finally came :)

That's how it looks in my hand.

 I love the painting on it. So simple and cute :)

 Every container has a lid witch closes tightly. I hope it will keep my bag safe and clean from extra liquids ;)

 It's a little bit smaller them my old urara box. But maybe it's just because I was used to eat from my big hamburger box. And this one looks really smaller.

 It's a traditional two tier box with a bigger upper container. So the main dish goes there. At least I like it that way ;)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

When you cook for two

I have this large green box I usually use to make bento for my BF. I found it in a simple store and bought it the same minute. It has two smaller boxes in a set and one big box with two dividers. But me BF lost one :( So now it has only one divider. But still I like it :)

It's an old photo so you can see the second divider inside the big box.

 I make dishes that can be eaten with tea or coffee. So it's usually sandwiches, tortillas rolls and so on. You can see a bunch of sandwiches with cheese and sausages, a hard backed egg, some salads, backed veggies and lavash rolls.

My bento is smaller, bet most ingredients are the same :) Egg, lavash rolls , zucchini and veggies stew.

When I make bento for two, I make double portions but when I arrange my lunches in the boxes I put more veggies to my box and more meat to my BF box. I know he's not a fan of vegetables :D He also can eat a tone of food and still stays thin :) Not to mention he likes a fat food. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Bento in a hamburger box

I've been using a hamburger box lately. It has a nice capacity but it leaks, so I often discover that my bag is smeared with juices from salads... This is the main disadvantaged of this box. It's shape is round so it turn over easily in a bag. 
Fried fish, grapes, cabbage salads and boiled egg with cheese.

Soba noodles wits sesame, boiled egg, tomatoes and cucumber. The little orange guy is a mayo container. i made it from "Kinder surprise" :) It does the job perfectly :)

Deep fried dumplings in teriyaki sauce, rice balls, zucchini and egg.

Lavash rolls with soy meat and veggies. Potatoes pancakes wit soy meat and carrot salads with mayo. And boiled egg of course :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Carrots and wasabi

I used a simple box this time, because I wanted to have that aesthetic look, that simple bentos have.

I just had to add usagi sauce bottle :D 

Onigiri, boiled egg, fried meat and carrots sticks that I rolled in olive oil mixed with wasabi. I am a wasabiholic :) I love that stuff. I even eat it alone. Of course my eyes and mouth burns but I love the taste :)
Just rinse carrots with it. Add as much wasabi as you can handle. It's a strong thing. You can use any oil you want I guess :P
I made "grass" from nori. I just use scissors to cut it. It's a nice eatable divider :)
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