Monday, December 20, 2010

Here we go...

Here's some new bento I made :)

I made onigiri with sesame seed and poppy seed. Sesame suits them better then poppies. But they were still good. Nex to onigiri there is some salads with mayo. In the yellow tier there is vegetables stew and some fried fish. 
This one bento has a lot of bread in it. Vegetable stew is becoming my favorit. It's easy to make and is tasty. I use cookie cutters for shaping cheese and bread. I put little tea bag in the midle tier. You can allways find some hot water for it if you are hveing your lunch at work.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Beautifill but not usefull...

Finally my new bento box "Animal in the forest" has arrived. It is a beautiful two tiers pink box, smallers then classical one with a nice and playfull cover. It's really nice but.... it SMELLS AWFULLY :( :( It has a super strong smell of plastic, the one that is not used for food. It's almost a week since I got it and the smell is still as strong as the moment I unpacked it. I even get dizzy by smelling it :( :( :(  What is more, I couldn't find a sign of food friendly plastic wich looks like this:
My other bento boxes have it.

The good news is then I wrote to the seller and he kindly returned my money back. He couldn't explain the smell. 
So, be careful while buying your bento suplies, for the joy of receiving a new box can be replaced with a disappointment.

Friday, December 3, 2010


So here it is. My first bento in a new box :)

Burger bento box

At last I got my burger bento box. And I'm not disapointed. It's about 10 cm hight and 15 cm wide. 

This is how it looks in my hand. At first I was afraid, that it will be to big. But it holds as much as my old Urara box. 

It has 3 diferent lids. 

Since the green lid is the uper one and the burger cap added on it makes some space, I decided that it will be great for onigiri ;) 

This brown lid will suit for vegetables... or sweet stuff ;) It's about 2 cm depth.

The lowest lid is about 6cm depth. It's good for the main dish. 
Havn't used it yet, but I can't wait to do it.

 I love the lock. No more rubber bands :) 

Friday, November 26, 2010

Just bento

I can hardly put oll the stuff I want to my one tier Urara box. I don't like the idea to use two diferen boxes, but since my lower Urara tier was damaged by hot pan, I have no other option. At least I ordered a new box. Can't wait to get it. In my colculations it should reach me in 3 more days :) 
Now I'm trying not to forget my vegies and go back on using rice. It hard for me to boil them perfectly. Usualy they get to sticky, or still are raw. I just can't stand uncooked rice....

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bento stuff

Well well well. I just got my new bento gear today. I ordered it from ebay. Isn't it cute? It was shiped from Japan and reached me only in 8 days. That is super fast, I think.

I have allready made a bento using my new stuff :)

The silicone food cups looked to small for me at first. But the more I look at them, the more I like them. Maybe they aren't perfect for salad, but if you don't want your egg to get soaked in meat juice, they are just fine  .
I'm still waiting for mybento boxes to arive.
I ordered "Animal in the forest".....

And a burger bento box...

I hope they'll reach me till Holyday... :P

Friday, September 10, 2010

All my bentos

I decided to show pics of all bentos I have made in one post. 
So here their are...

Fish love bento

Heart theme. Ididn't have my bento box then :P

Flowers from carrots. They are easy to make and add some lovelyness :P

Heart is the shape I love the most ;3
Cheese duck on vegie stew:) It was yummy :3

Monday, August 23, 2010

Eat green

There was only green stuff in my fridge that time. 
Soy meat, egg noodles, cauliflower and zucchini slices. Rabbit and a duck are made from apple. I used my lovely cookie cutters. They are perfect for this;)

Simple bento

This one is a simple bento I made. It contains onigiri, zucchini and spiced cheese slices, lettuce, beans salads and small sausages. I love how it fits in my box. The portion is perfect for me :) This one has no cute decorations :P

Easter bento

This one was made for Easter. I just had no time for posting it. So here it comes. A little bit late but it's better late then never :P
I just love the bunny. It's made of cheese. Next to it there are fried dumplings (I looove them) in a lettuce bed. I eat them with soy souce. In the lower there is vegetables porridge, lettuce and little eggs made from cheese :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mushrooms wonderland

I like this one because of its colours. It looks to me like some kind of wonderland :P
Rice, cheese mushrooms, carrots salad and some spring onions on the top.  Home baked mini hot dogs and melon and grape pins :) I tried to firm rice to look like mushrooms too :P

Chiken bento

My chiken bento. I just love my new bento box and how the meal looks good in it :) I use cookie cutters animals shape. I have quite a lot of them :P 
Rise, corn, avocado hearts and grapes on the left. Chiken strips and sandwich on the right.The big chiken is made of cheese, carrots and avokado.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring bento

So, the firs bento on this blog is the first one I had in my new box. I was realy excited about making it. You can see an apple usagi on the right as well as corn salad with mayo and avocado and grapes skewers. I put carrot pieces betveen them. On the left there is onigiri with some furikake and chiken pieces. Mushroom and star house are made of cheese :) I made grass from nori.
 I love the fresh look of this bento :)

So it begins...

I really don't remember when I became so interested in bento. But now it's some kind of possession. It's such a fun to make bento and then enjoy it. I just love making food. And bento is a perfect way to make some healthy lunch not only for myself but for my hubby too :)

I used to eat only rice or potatoes and some stew with it for my lunch. But now I have a smaller portion of rice and meat and more vegetables and fruit. And I like to have a little bit of everything. My meal became more healthier and more fun to make.

So in this blog I just want to share my bento pictures. I got a lot of inspiration from other bento blogers, so I hope that my bento will also inpires someone :)

This is my bento box :) I ordered it from Hong Kong. It took two month and a half for it to arrive. But I'm realy happy with it :)

It has cute usagi on it :)
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