Wednesday, August 17, 2011


How could I forget to post this one???
 Well, this is my attempt to make evil stuff. Radishes serves for this purpose quite well. I'm defiantly using them for Halloween bento :)
 Just look at their happy evil faces... sitting on a pile of fried meat.

And here is some sushi I made. It has omelet and salmon inside.

Beans day

This was a bean day. I bought some beans to prepare a sweet beans paste. It was my first attempt so I decided to use just a little of them for the paste and made backed beans from the rest of them. I also had a boiled egg in my bento as well as some honey and a soy sauce.

 The green leafs belong to basil. I grown them in my balcony. I can say it's my favorite herb. I adore the smell of it.

This is the sweet beans paste. You can find recipe here.

And this is simply backed beans, that were fried with cut sausages and a little bit of smoked bacon. I mixed it with honey while eating. I know it sounds strange. But it tasted really good. Salty and sweet can go a long very well ;)
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