Monday, December 20, 2010

Here we go...

Here's some new bento I made :)

I made onigiri with sesame seed and poppy seed. Sesame suits them better then poppies. But they were still good. Nex to onigiri there is some salads with mayo. In the yellow tier there is vegetables stew and some fried fish. 
This one bento has a lot of bread in it. Vegetable stew is becoming my favorit. It's easy to make and is tasty. I use cookie cutters for shaping cheese and bread. I put little tea bag in the midle tier. You can allways find some hot water for it if you are hveing your lunch at work.


  1. Nuostabiai atrodo! Nebuvo gaila suvalgyti?:>

  2. Tai kad ne;) Kaip tik, labai smagu, kai darbe per pietus atsidarai ir pamatai toki dalykeli :D


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