Thursday, December 9, 2010

Beautifill but not usefull...

Finally my new bento box "Animal in the forest" has arrived. It is a beautiful two tiers pink box, smallers then classical one with a nice and playfull cover. It's really nice but.... it SMELLS AWFULLY :( :( It has a super strong smell of plastic, the one that is not used for food. It's almost a week since I got it and the smell is still as strong as the moment I unpacked it. I even get dizzy by smelling it :( :( :(  What is more, I couldn't find a sign of food friendly plastic wich looks like this:
My other bento boxes have it.

The good news is then I wrote to the seller and he kindly returned my money back. He couldn't explain the smell. 
So, be careful while buying your bento suplies, for the joy of receiving a new box can be replaced with a disappointment.

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