Thursday, June 2, 2011

When you cook for two

I have this large green box I usually use to make bento for my BF. I found it in a simple store and bought it the same minute. It has two smaller boxes in a set and one big box with two dividers. But me BF lost one :( So now it has only one divider. But still I like it :)

It's an old photo so you can see the second divider inside the big box.

 I make dishes that can be eaten with tea or coffee. So it's usually sandwiches, tortillas rolls and so on. You can see a bunch of sandwiches with cheese and sausages, a hard backed egg, some salads, backed veggies and lavash rolls.

My bento is smaller, bet most ingredients are the same :) Egg, lavash rolls , zucchini and veggies stew.

When I make bento for two, I make double portions but when I arrange my lunches in the boxes I put more veggies to my box and more meat to my BF box. I know he's not a fan of vegetables :D He also can eat a tone of food and still stays thin :) Not to mention he likes a fat food. 

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