Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mustard Urara and first bento in it

My mustard yellow Urara box has arrived. I'm so thrilled and happy. The size is perfect as well as color. It's such a deep mustard yellow. Urara boxes are the best. I defiantly  recommend them. They are not too colorful but not plane as well. They are stylish, simple and big enough for an adult. The plastic is really good quality and microwave OK.

 I made this bento at midnight when we came back from visiting friends. I got the box the same day and could not resist to use it :)

I use paper cups for cupcakes as dividers. I just throw them away after it. 

There also is a collection of blue Urara boxes.

...a triangle shaped box for onigiri lovers
But it can fit triangle sandwiches if you get tired of large portions of onigiri ;) Here's an example.

A square shaped box.
Photo from here.
All three shapes comes in red, blue and yellow color. And I'm thinking about ordering the onigiri and square boxes in the future ;)

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